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the art is beautiful the story so far is good and the personalities are cute love the mystery too


That style is cute


When will it be released it was real good 


pra voce criadora

ja baixei  pra gravar amanha ok  


This game is so cool..... and wonderfull, the atmosphere and the design from game it self is very arthistic and beautiful. I'm still playing it bu the story is very interesting. Can't wait for the full realese/version


OH... and also 5 Stars for this demo, or maybe more

this is such a wonderful game. I don't play games like this because of horror elements but this was actually really entertaining and I am excited for the full version. however if I may ask, will this be free if the full version came out? I do not have money online so.

anywhere i could download the soundtrack? that song during the beginning arcade game SLAPPED

Demo is very good. Can't wait for full version

very good, i'm waiting for the complete game


Thank you so much! I'm working hard on it c:

I can't wait to see the full game!

Thank you for playing ! I'm happy you enjoyed it !


So far so good.

Joguei a demo agora e achei o jogo muito incrível, os personagens parecem ser super bem desenvolvidos, a animação é perfeita e a historia parece ser complexa, estou muito ansiosa para que o jogo completo seja lançado logo!!

Muito obrigado por jogar!  Eu realmente gostei disso! :D

this is honestly such a cute game, I really love the style and story so far!! for only the demo being released, I can tell the rest of the story is gonna be really good!!! I wish you the best with this game :DDD

Thanks so much! :D I'll do my best working on the rest of the game !

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I love this game. It's amazing, the art, the music, even the cute text sound. Accidentally discovering this game is one of the best thing that has ever happended to me. Really want to talk about you to my readers on wattpad, what's your pronouns.

Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I go by she/her c:

when do you plan to release the full game?


Sorry for the wait! Unfortunately, development is taking longer than expected due to personal life issues (full-time job, pandemic, moving, computer issues, etc). Although I'm working on developing it as fast as possible, there's only so much progress that can be done as a solo developer. I don't have a planned release date at the moment, but I do post monthly updates on my tumblr and twitter if you would like the see how the game is coming along. Sorry again! Please be patient with me!

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