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If you're ever planning on voicing over this game, I'd love to help!! 

Thank you! I have no plans for voice acting but I appreciate the support!

This was so good! Once the game comes out, mind if i stream or record it?

You are free to stream and record it! Thank you!

There was a glitch with the downloading of this game, my computer said that no compatible downloads were found for it. Would you mind taking a look at it? Thanks!

Hi! Could you please screenshot and send me your error message please? It'll help me figure out what the issue is. Maybe try downloading from this website instead? I believe that 'Compatible' issues usually have to do with either 1) your computer possibly being outdated or 2) you aren't using Windows, which is the only system that RPG Maker can work on. Does this error show when you download any other RPG Maker games? 

THIS. WAS. GREAT. The graphic was absolutely lovely from start to finish, the story is really interesting and the musics are also amazing! I couldn't keep myself from making this account just to compliment you on such an engaging and fantastic game!! I'll be sure to suggest this to some friends, this needs all the attention it can get. Thank you for making this, i had a great time <3 I hope i didn't make any grammatical error in this comment, i'm foreign ^^''  Thank you again, i wish you the best!

Thank you so much~! I'm so glad you enjoyed the demo~! Ahhhhh this was such a nice comment to read! And your english is great!

Thank you so much! I also have a cople questions, i hope i can ask: will the full game be free? Also, will it be all in one go or it will be divided into chapters? Thank you again for everything and know again that this demo was a beautiful experience for me!

The full game will be 100% free! And yes, I'm planning to release the full game all at once. However, if it turns out to be too long, I will consider releasing it in chapters! Thank you so much!~

Ah, i'm glad it is! Thank you for answering to all my questions. Good luck, stay safe, take breaks, and have a good rest of the week <3 Goodbye (for now) <3

No problem! Thank you so much~

Ah, i'm glad it is! Thank you for answering to all my questions. Good luck, stay safe, take breaks, and have a good rest of the week <3 Goodbye (for now) <3

Did you make this in RPG Maker MV? Looks quite lovely ^^

Hello! Nope I used RPG Maker VX Ace! Thank you!

Well would you want to see about bringing this over to RPG Maker MV? I can do that for you.

Thank you for the offer but I will have to decline! Tiles in MV are 48 x 48 instead of 32 x 32 which would mean I have to redo all of the custom graphics in order for it to look good (especially since I use parallax mapping)! Also, all of my scripts are in Ruby rather than MV's JavaScript which would mean I would also have to translate all of them to the other programming language. All in all, it sounds like a lot of work and I don't think it'd be worth it! 

Well I can use an RTP scaler for the tiles. That'll be a simple thing to do. That'll also include the images too. So that I can handle for you. Also for the scripts, there are plugins now, so I guess maybe ones that do the same thing could work or something? So yeah, I can handle the graphics. Plus if I can look at the project files, I could possibly find a plugin that does the exact same function as the one in the game here. So it'll be a simple process. So yeah, I can give it a go and see where it goes from there ok? Can't hurt to try can it?

Sorry, but I don't want my images to be rescaled! I looked into RTP Scaler actually and I do notice a difference in the quality of the resized images. In addition, I'm using some custom scripts that have no MV plug-in equivalents (trust me I have checked). Biggest additional reason is that I'm not comfortable with handing over my game project to someone I do not know. Hopefully you understand and won't press further. Thanks for the offer though!

Konichiwa! Such a kawaii game! I really like that it's like galaxy themed! Arigatao for making this! I hope you continue it! Nice job Aishin!


And here's a anime picture for you! (Credit to the artist)

Thank you!~ I'm happy you enjoyed it~ working hard to finish it!

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This game was just absolutesly beautiful! The (so-far) art, cutscenes, minigames and puzzles, I can't wait for the full game to come out, throwing positivity your way developer Aishin!

Thank you so much!~ That means a lot!


After playing the demo, i can't wait to play the full game! I bet it's gonna be great!

register to support this excellent work! The fancy art style and cuteeee characters really fill me up Awwwww~With a dictionry i finish the demo,and I can not wait for full version!(apologize for my bad English(ノへ ̄、) )

Thank you so much! Don't worry I understand you just fine! I'm working hard on the full version~ Please look forward to it C:

this is beautiful! I can't wait for the full game uwu

Thank you! Working hard on it!

Another part of the demo done! Thanks for telling me where Emi was, I ran right by her during my last run. I like the puzzles that you've design. They're interesting but not so difficult I couldn't complete them. I do have a question. I'm at the ink brush boss fight and I only have 1 heart left so every time it starts I immediately die. I can't really go back to a previous save point because that would send me back all the way to the Prism Forest. Is there anyway I can gain hearts back or are they gone forever?


Thank you~ Actually when the boss chase starts, if you hold the shift (run) and down keys, you should be able to run away and not take any damage at all! It's possible to do the entire boss chase without losing a single heart. (If you want to see someone who has done this, check out FlareBlitzed's let's play!) The only other way to recover hearts is by using the items sold at the bakery. Hope this helps!

Played the game with my two younger siblings and we all had fun playing with it. It's a very beautiful game with lovely art in it and beautiful music.

Thank you so much!~ I'm glad everyone had fun ahh~~

This demo is really good! I like the concept and the art style is amazing! I can't wait to finish, although I'm a little stumped when it comes to finding Emi. Good job!

Ahh thank for recording a video! You should be able to find Emi standing in the town square!

I must say that this demo was amazing! I enjoyed  every single second and I very excited for the finished game to come out. Well done :)

Thank you so much~! <3


Absolutely loved it! Can't wait to play the full game! Well Done!

Thank you!~ I'm glad you enjoyedd itt~ c:


Many congrats on the demo release of Arcadea! ^o^

Leaving this here: 

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